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    "To Save Humanity": What Matters Most for a Healthy Future


    100 Cases in Clinical Ethics and Law


    100 cases in Surgery

    This book presents 100 scenarios requiring surgical treatment commonly seen by medical students and junior doctors in the emergency department. It covers summary of the patient's history, examination, and initial investigations followed by questions on the diagnosis and management of each case.

    100 Notable Names from General Practice

    This fascinating book presents 100 biographies of key figures in the development of the specialty of General Practice and how their successes, and occasional failures, have influenced the practice we see today, organised under key themes including academia and research, medical education and medical politics, the Royal College of General Practitioners and society as a whole.

    101 Primary Care Case Studies: A Workbook for Clinical and Bedside Skills

    Offers real-life patient scenarios and critical thinking exercises to help you work through a patient's chief complaint. Through narrative case studies, you will determine how best to diagnose, treat, and manage your patient based on the history of present illness, review of systems, relevant history, and physical examination findings.

    101 Recipes for Audit in Psychiatry

    Audit is an essential activity for all psychiatrists. This book helps ease the audit process by offering tried and tested recipes for conducting audits in clinical services. All audits have been undertaken by the authors who give practical advice for carrying them out in day to day practice. Useful for both consultants and trainees.

    12 Golden GCP Rules for Investigators - French


    12 Golden Rules for Vets


    320 Single Best Answer Questions For Final Year Medical Students

    This book will appeal to candidates appearing for Final MB examinations in the UK and international students preparing for finals; but also has utility for allied healthcare professionals who will be examined in general internal medicine.

    A Beginner's Guide to Critical Thinking and Writing in Health and Social Care

    Ever struggled to write a critical essay? Ever wondered what critical thinking actually is and how you can apply it in your academic work and practice? This guide takes you through every stage of becoming a critical thinker, from approaching your subject to writing your essays or dissertation in health and social care.