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    Medical equipment & techniques

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    Understanding Clinical Research: An introduction

    This book offers a thorough explanation of the principles of clinical research, alongside a wide range of worked examples which show how these principles are applied in practice.

    The Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics

    The Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics is the first comprehensive and systematic reference on clinical research ethics.

    Medical Device Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

    "Acquaints developers of medical devices with the basic concepts and major issues of medical quality assurance and regulatory documents, describes the requirements listed in these documents, and provides strategies for compliance with these requirements."

    Biotechnology and Biological Sciences: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of Biotechnology and Biological Sciences (BIOSPECTRUM 2019), August 8-10, 2019, Kolkata, India

    Biotechnology and Biological Sciences III includes contributions on: microbial biotechnology, bioinformatics and drug designing, innovations in pharmaceutical industries and food processing industries, bioremediation, nano-biotechnology, and molecular-genetics.

    Medical equipment & techniques