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    A History of the Fastnet Lighthouse


    ACA Farmers Handbook


    Accelerating New Food Product Design and Development 2nd Edition

    Written primarily for directors and managers of food design and development, food scientists, technologists, and product developers, this book explains all the necessary information in order to help meet the increasing demands for innovation in an industry that is providing fewer resources.

    Acoustics of Wood

    Divided into three parts, this book is devoted to those aspects related to the development of acoustic methods as an effective means for examining physical properties of wood through an interdisciplinary approach. It provides an introductory understanding of basic aspects related to the theory of waves propagation in anisotropic solids.

    Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis: Automotive Technology: Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

    Learn all the skills you need with this book to pass Level 3 and 4 Vehicle Diagnostic courses from IMI, City and Guilds and BTEC, as well as ASE, AUR, and other higher-level qualifications.


    Covers a comprehensive selection of dishes, inspired by modern, classical and international techniques. This title provides guidance on how to carry out specialist butchery, larder and fishmonger techniques alongside clear explanations of all the underpinning theory for assessments. It is packed with classical and international techniques.

    Advances in Integrated Pest Management Technology: Innovative and Applied Aspects


    Agriculture: A Very Short Introduction

    From the large corporation using enormous machines in the USA, to the woman with her hoe and her plot of cassava in Mozambique, to a Chinese collective farm worker in the rice fields, agriculture is essential for humanity to eat. This book looks at the many different types of agriculture and considers the challenges facing farmers today.