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    Blazing a Trail: Irish Women Who Changed the World

    Salute the remarkable Irish women who changed history in this beautifully illustrated book. From Irish women who made changes in Ireland to those who made changes abroad. From adventurers to inventors; explorers to warriors; from designers to writers; rebel leaders to presidents, this book is a true celebration of Irish Women.
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 7.1

    Bright Sparks: Amazing Discoveries

    An introduction to fifty extraordinary discoveries, inventions and designs by inspirational women. Meet incredible inventors from around the world, and learn how inventions happen. A beautifully illustrated guide to remarkable, practical, skillful and amazing inventions which have made their mark.
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 7.6

    Adam's Starling

    Winner of the Eilis Dillon Memorial Award. Adam's Starling tells the story of nine-year-old Adam who is finding life very diffficult. At home no-one has any time for him and at school bullies pick on him.
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 4.5

    Football Fiesta

    Five kids with one dream: to become the greatest sports stars in the world! Joe knows he has no chance of catching the mysterious scout's eye - he loves football, but he's by far the worst player in his club. Despite this, he's whisked away to a remote island and teamed up with four other kids: Kim, Craig, Ajit and Jess.
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 6.4

    Tabitha Plimtock and the Edge of the World

    Tabitha Plimtock lives in a house at the very edge of the world. When rumours begin to circulate of monsters climbing from the base to gobble up unsuspecting wall-dwellers, Tabitha is determined to discover what's happening and keep the people she loves safe!
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 5.3

    The Great Big Book of Irish Wildlife: Through the Seasons

    A beautiful picture book tracking nature through the seasons in Ireland. It explores nature in your back garden as well as weird and wonderful natural phenomena, such as the metamorphosis from Tadpole to Frog; the Red Deer rut in autumn; or a starling flock in winter.
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 6.1

    Real Rebecca

    €6.99 €9.99
    Rebecca's mum Rosie writes books for adults, but when she writes a novel for teens, everyone thinks it's based on her daughter! Rebecca is horrified and vows to prove that she is different. But how will she show the world the real Rebecca?
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 5.0

    Spirit of the Titanic

    The ghost of fifteen-year-old Samuel Scott moves restlessly aboard the Titanic as she sails to her doom in 1912. An eyewitness to the final days in the lives of rich and poor, crew and passengers, this is Samuel's story ...
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 6.4


    Summer may be over but the Star Club is definitely not and now it's time to plan their next show! Meg has to get used to a new town and new school. Luckily her Star Club friends are there to support her. But will other people accept Meg for who she really is?
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 5.2

    The Missing Referee: Croke Park Mice

    A GAA picture book for children by Ruth and Triona Croke, charmingly illustrated by Audrey Dowling.
    Accelerated Reader
    Lower Years, Book Level: 3.0

    Benny and Babe

    Benny suffers a severe blow to his pride when he meets Babe. He may be a wise guy, but she is at least three steps ahead of him, and they are on her territory.

    Gods and Their Machines

    Two worlds. Two different lives. Divided by hate and violence. Thrown together by chance.
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 6.3