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    Earth sciences, geography, environment, planning

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    The Sustainable Self: A Personal Approach to Sustainability Education

    Achieving a sustainable society is the biggest issue of our time. This book presents a complete 'curriculum' for effecting a personal transformation towards sustainability, showing you how to align your personal and professional actions with your values and beliefs. It is full of activities that can be done individually or in groups.

    The Heart of the Forest: Why Woods Matter

    With a foreword by Kathleen Jamie. The Heart of the Forest explores four enduring ways in which we connect to the woods - through Refuge, Sacredness, Horror and Hope - making fascinating links between emotion and genre.

    Hot Air: The Inside Story of the Battle Against Climate Change Denial

    The shocking inside story of the fight to halt climate change over the past twenty-five years by a world-renowned scientist.

    Saving the Planet Without the Bullshit: What They Don't Tell You About the Climate Crisis

    A myth-busting handbook to the climate crisis, from one of the world's biggest green influencers.

    What We Leave Behind: A Birdwatcher's Dispatches from the Waste Catastrophe

    A clear-eyed look at the rubbish we create in our everyday lives, what happens to it, where it goes and whether it will outlive us.

    Tell Me How it Ends: An Essay in Forty Questions

    A moving, eye-opening polemic about the US-Mexico border and what happens to the tens of thousands of unaccompanied Mexican and Central American children arriving in the US without papers

    Earth sciences, geography, environment, planning