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    Redress: Ireland's Institutions and Transitional Justice

    How will Ireland redress its legacy of institutional abuse? How might democracy evolve if survivors' experiences and expertise were allowed to lead the response to a century of gender- and family separation-based abuses? REDRESS: Ireland's Institutions and Transitional Justice seeks the answers.

    Client Earth


    Sexy But Psycho: How the Patriarchy

    The new book from the bestselling author of Why Women Are Blamed for Everything.

    Delicate Game A: Brain Injury Spo

    An investigation into power, sport and the human brain

    Criminal Law and Justice in the European Union

    Criminal Law and Justice in the European Union brings together a group of academics and practitioners based in Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands to explore current issues and emerging trends in this broad but specialised field

    Criminal Litigation

    The manual covers each step of the criminal litigation process, from the initial investigation of a crime through to the conclusion of a case, looking at the practice and procedure in the District and Superior Courts from both a prosecution and defence perspective. It provides succinct, practical advice to trainee solicitors and practitioners.