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    Building the Ark


    Peace Apart: Lasting Impressions of C.S. Lewis

    Peace Apart: Lasting Impressions of C.S. Lewis is the third book in a series by Bishop Fintan Monahan on people whose lives and literary works have inspired him.

    Washing Windows Too: Irish Women Write Poetry

    Washing Windows Too contains 100 new poems, selected by co-editor Alan Hayes, by Irish women, living on the island and abroad, who have not yet published a full collection of poetry.

    The Prophet


    Unexhausted Time

    Unexhausted Time inhabits a world of dream and dawn, in which thoughts touch us 'like soft rain', and all the elements are brought closer in. Feelings, messages, symbols, visions .



    On Animals

    A delightful and entertaining collection of a lifetime of musings, meditations and in-depth profiles about animals, by the bestselling author of The Orchid Thief and The Library Book.

    Twenty-First-Century Tolkien: What Middle-Earth Means To Us Today

    An engaging and original celebration of J.R.R. Tolkien, which reveals how his visionary creation of Middle-Earth is more relevant now than ever.