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    Shaw's dramatization of a Cockney flower girl's metamorphosis into a lady is both a fantasy and a platform for his views on social class, money and women's independence.

    Noughts and Crosses

    A story of a black girl called Sephy and a white boy called Callum and their friendship in a world that's divided by the colour of skin and how their feelings for each other grow as they grow older and grow up.


    Includes the plays "All My Sons" and "A View from the Bridge".

    What the Dog Saw

    Covering everything from criminology to spaghetti sauce to show how the most ordinary subjects can illuminate the most extraordinary things about ourselves and our world. The author explores the underdogs, the overlooked, the curious, the miraculous and the disastrous, and reveals how everyone and everything contains an incredible story.

    Both Flesh and Not

    Combines the author's essays with work published in the UK. This title collects fifteen essays.

    Death of a Salesman

    Willy Loman is on his last legs. Failing at his job, dismayed at his the failure of his sons, Biff and Happy, to live up to his expectations, and tortured by his jealousy at the success and happiness of his neighbour Charley and his son Bernard, Willy spirals into a well of regret, reminiscence, and a scathing indictment of the ultimate failure...

    Kindertransport (NHB Modern Plays)

    When Eva's parents fail to escape Germany, the child changes her name and begins the process of denial of her roots. It is only when her own daughter discovers some letters in their attic that Eva is forced to confront the truth about the past.


    Depicts the struggle to survive in a world losing its moral and ethical boundaries. This work dramatizes the way that the actions of the fundamentalist threaten to overthrow the established order, heralding an era where 'everything is permitted'.


    McPherson's four most recent plays in one volume: "The Weir", "Dublin Carol", "Port Authority" and "Come on Over".

    Selected Poems

    A comprehensive selection of Kavanagh's poetry. It includes selection that range from initial offerings such as "Tinker's Wife" and "Inniskeen Road: July Evening" to his tragic masterpiece "The Great Hunger" (1942) and celebratory verse, "To Hell with Common Sense" and "Come Dance with Kitty Stobling".