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    Road of Bones: The Epic Siege of Ko

    Winner of the British Army Military Book of the Year 2011 The story of one of the most brutal battles in modern history - fought at a major turning point of the Second World War.

    Culture and Imperialism

    Following his profoundly influential study, Orientalism, Edward Said now examines western culture. From Jane Austen to Salman Rushdie, from Yeats to media coverage of the Gulf War, Culture and Imperialism is a broad, fierce and wonderfully readable account of the roots of imperialism in European culture.



    A Traveller Passing Through: Reflections from the Holy Land

    In A Traveller Passing Through, Ruth Patterson invites readers to accompany her on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and the sites of significant moments in the life of Jesus.

    Image and Vision: Reflecting with the Book of Kells

    Concentrating on twelve of the magnificent illuminations in the Book of Kells, this beautiful book provides clear and accessible guidelines on ways to reflect and meditate on these illuminations and the scripture as a whole.

    The Courage of Their Convictions: Stories of Inspirational Men and Women of Faith

    This fascinating collection details the stories of ordinary, and yet extraordinary, individuals whose unshakable faith and personal courage helped change the lives of millions.

    Image and Vision: Reflecting with the Book of Kells

    The Book of Kells was originally prepared as a devotional and liturgical work. Image & Vision: Reflecting with the Book of Kells explores the intricate relationship between the text, image and vision, and the scriptural texts that underpin them.

    Vatican Council Memories

    Bishop Michael Smith from the Irish College was selected to join a group of students to record every word spoken at the Council. Now in his retirement he has created the Vatican Council Memories.

    Lights for the Path

    Lights for the Path introduces a range of hidden treasures from the Catholic tradition - men and women who, across the centuries and in diverse contexts, have illuminated how Christians can read and respond to the world.