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    River Kings: The Vikings from Scand

    'Astonishing and compelling' Bernard Cornwell 'Replete with witches, human sacrifice, Greek fire and funeral orgies... one of the most thrilling works of archaeological detective work I have ever read' William Dalrymple, FT


    This book draws on the wealth of new evidence for Bronze Age burials, settlements, and landscapes to explore the construction of social relationships and community identities during this period.

    Little History of Archaeology A

    The thrilling history of archaeological adventure, with tales of danger, debate, audacious explorers, and astonishing discoveries around the globe

    Archaeology of Early Medieval Ireland

    In the first major work on the subject for over 30 years, Nancy Edwards provides a critical survey of the archaeological evidence, introducing material from many recently discovered sites as well as reassessing the importance of earlier excavations.

    Bog Bodies Uncovered The: Solving

    Lindow Man, the famous Pete Marsh discovered in Cheshire in the 1980s, has been joined by new finds from Ireland and elsewhere. Who were these unfortunate people, and why were they killed?

    In Search of the Irish Dreamtime: A

    By comparing the world depicted in the earliest Irish literary tradition with the archaeological evidence available on the ground, the author explores Ireland's rich mythological tradition and tests its claims to represent reality.


    Older than Stonehenge, Mycenae and the Egyptian pyramids, the huge megalithic tomb of Newgrange in Ireland stands as a testament to the achievements of our Stoneage forebears over 5000 years ago. This is an account of that structure.


    The first book in nearly a century to explore and satisfactorily explain how and when the Irish people came into being, now available in B-format paperback.

    Tutankhamun: The Treasures of the T

    The ultimate book on the treasures of Tutankhamun, with breathtaking photographs of the most significant objects.


    Viking raids, and the subsequent Scandinavian settlements in the ninth and tenth centuries, had a major effect on many parts of Britain and Ireland. This book examines the distinctive archaeology of each phase, aspect or area of Norse impact in turn, with sufficient historical background to put the archaeological discoveries into context.