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    16 Bible Studies for Your Small Group

    If you're like most small-group leaders, you often feel overwhelmed trying to find study material. In this helpful guide, Ryan Lokkesmoe gives ice-breaker questions, key Scripture passages, discussion questions, and a guide for leading prayer time so you and your group can draw nearer to God and each other while you enhance your study of the Word.

    40 Lives in 40 Days: Experiencing God's Grace Through the Bible's Most Compelling Characters

    Have you ever wondered why God uses ordinary people to accomplish His work and to spread the good news? Join bestselling author and Bible teacher John MacArthur as he takes a closer look at the everyday lives of the men and women whom God trusted to carry His message and lead His people.

    A Basic Guide to the Old Testament


    A Book For Life: 10 steps to spiritual wisdom, a clear mind and lasting happiness

    Combining ancient wisdom and spirituality with modern psychology, shaman and therapist Jo Bowlby presents a simple roadmap to wisdom and wellbeing.

    A Dublin Magdalene Laundry


    A Hole in the World: Finding Hope in Rituals of Grief and Healing

    In a raw and inspiring reflection on grief, a mourning sister processes her personal story of loss by exploring the history of bereavement customs.

    A Life Lived on the Razor's Edge

    As Nano's journey unfolds it reveals how the steady and alluring presence of God became known to her through the most ordinary of events of her life. Her response was one of wholehearted surrender to the call of the gospel and to walking the path of radical discipleship.

    A Life Worth Living: A Boy Tempered by Fire Becomes a Man Filled with Love


    A People's Church: A History of the Church of England

    A richly detailed history of the Church of England from a top historian who is also an Anglican priest.