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    A Pilgrim's Cross: Resurrecting the Broken Soul in America


    A Scent of Water: Adventures in Faith and Science


    A Short History of Atheism

    Exploring the rise of atheism as an explicit philosophical position, Hyman traces its development in the ideas of Descartes, Locke and Berkeley. He shows that, since in recent theology the concept of God which atheists negate is changing, the triumph of its advocates may not be quite as unequivocal as Hitchens and Dawkins would have us believe.

    A Short History of the Church of Ireland

    This book attempts to tell the story of the Church of Ireland in the context of Irish history, helping the reader to understand some of the situations in which the Church found itself, and still finds itself. Dr Milne is aware of the importance of writing about the Church's past in the context of the wider context of Irish history.

    A Time to Trust: A Memoir


    A Traveller Passing Through: Reflections from the Holy Land

    In A Traveller Passing Through, Ruth Patterson invites readers to accompany her on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and the sites of significant moments in the life of Jesus.

    Adventures of a Psychic

    Recounts author's captivating life as a clairvoyant, telling of her earliest 'readings' as a young child in Kansas City, and of her first contact with 'Francine,' her spirit guide.

    After the Order of Melchizedek: Memoirs of an Anglican Priest

    Cast in the form of an autobiography covering period between 1940 and 2015, After the Order of Melchizedek is, in effect, an account of the Church of England as she was during the second half of the 20th century.



    Aisling : Discovering Keys in the Irish-Celtic Mysteries


    Religion & beliefs