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    Building the Ark


    Washing Windows Too: Irish Women Write Poetry

    Washing Windows Too contains 100 new poems, selected by co-editor Alan Hayes, by Irish women, living on the island and abroad, who have not yet published a full collection of poetry.

    The Prophet


    Unexhausted Time

    Unexhausted Time inhabits a world of dream and dawn, in which thoughts touch us 'like soft rain', and all the elements are brought closer in. Feelings, messages, symbols, visions .


    This award winning debut collection demonstrates Gallagher's great physical sense of language. The mystery of existence hovers in the echoes of these wonderful quiet poems which combine gifted lyrics with rich images.

    An Tir Ruin


    Interrogation of Morning

    This new collection creates and bravely explores the boundaries between predator and prey, between warning and transformation. Taylor's poems carve images from a chaotic world.


    What makes us animals? Luke Morgan sets out to balance the inconvenient truths of our nature with the ideas of who we believe we can be. An autobiography of sorts, told through the lens of the animal kingdom, Beast is a visceral exploration of the beasts within us all.

    Leasline a Lorg : In Search of a Horizon

    'Some of the finest poems being published in Ireland today.' - Lucy Collins, The Irish Times 'The reader is especially captivated by Celia de Freine's portrayal of ordinary women who unexpectedly choose to fly.' - Manuela Palacios-Gonzalez, Estudios Irlandeses

    The Last Spring of the World

    This collection radiates beauty, honesty, and an authentic poetic voice that seems to overturn everything ugly in human experience. Tender portraits of family roots accompany a kaleidoscopic Strabane and touch on the anxiety of growing up in fraught political times.