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    Medical Law in Ireland


    Medical Treatment of Children and the Law: Beyond Parental Responsibilities

    This book answers the questions why the state intrudes into the exercise of parental responsibility concerning the medical treatment of children and why parents may not be permitted to decide what is in the best interests of their child and argues for a different understanding of the law concerning the medical treatment of children.

    Sharing Linked Data for Health Research: Toward Better Decision Making

    This book will benefit researchers and research institutions by explaining the regulatory environment for access to government held data for research. The book will also be valuable to government policy makers and decision-makers around the world by providing comparative examples of global best practice to guide reform.

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Wills and Probate

    This book explains how to write a simple will, and how to deal with the affairs of someone who has died. This new edition is completely revised and updated, and is written in plain language by an author who has many years' experience in the probate registries.

    The Law and Practice of the Ireland-Northern Ireland Protocol

    This edited collection provides expert commentary in each of the areas of legal practice that the complex Ireland-Northern Ireland Protocol affects. It provides comprehensive examination of the legal meaning and interpretation of the Protocol, offering insights from international law, European Union Law, domestic constitutional and public law.

    The Trespasser's Companion


    Mine!: From Personal Space to Big Data, How Ownership Shapes Our Lives

    A Freakonomics-style investigation into the mysteries of ownership, filled with counterintuitive insights and fascinating case studies.

    Laws of Specific jurisdictions