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    Feminist City

    Women - Reclaim the city!

    Handbook of Transport and the Environment

    Devoted to the environmental impacts of transport. This work looks at the various aspects of the subject such as environmental concepts, both physical and economic. It also examines environmental concerns such as: global warming, air quality, noise, safety, amenity, and severance; political settings and policies; and more.

    Handbook of Transport Geography and Spatial Systems

    Transport systems, the vital arteries of modern societies and economies, shape our world and are shaped by it. This volume talks about the dynamic interactions between transport and the physical, economic, and human geographies it weaves through. It also discusses how to obtain appropriate data and model these transport-geographic phenomena.

    Handbook of Transport Strategy, Policy and Institutions

    Privatisation, regulation, deregulation, competition, funding, evaluation: these are all transport policy issues of great current interest worldwide, in the public arena as well as among researchers. This work is is organised into sections including: Institutional Settings and Markets; Planning Perspectives; and Asset Management and Funding.

    Herbert Simms


    Intersections: Health and the Built Environment

    Based on worldwide public health data, this report lays out the premise for building healthy places and illuminates the role of the real estate and development community in addressing public health issues. This is an essential resource for public officials, real estate developers, engineers, consultants, and students of urban planning.


    The volume brings various global perspectives into close dialogue to offer a broad, interdisciplinary, and critical overview of the current state of research on urban imaginaries.

    Regional & area planning