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    CESMM4 Revised: Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement: 2019

    The Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement - CESMM - has been well established for over 40 years as the standard for the preparation of bills of quantities in civil engineering work. This revised fourth edition, CESMM4 Revised, brings the method into line with the most recent developments in the railway industry.

    Fabrication and Welding Engineering

    Covers basic sheet-metal fabrication and welding engineering principles and applications. This book includes chapters on non-technical as well as subjects such as health and safety, personal development and communication of technical information. It also covers these areas of mechanical engineering and workshop practice in a practical style.

    Structural Elements Design Manual: Working with Eurocodes

    Suitable for structural engineers, this work discusses the structural use of timber, concrete, masonry and steelwork. It provides information on the behaviour and practical design of the main elements of the building structure. It is suitable for those whose studies include the design of structural elements.

    Energy: Management, Supply and Conservation

    Deals with the theory and practice of the supply of energy, energy management and auditing, and the design of sustainable energy facilities. This work considers the systems needed to create low-energy, sustainable buildings, including passive solar design, energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning, and combined heat and power.

    Construction Practice

    Construction site visits are a popular way for undergraduate students to become acquainted with the practical aspects of construction, but these visits only show students a small proportion of the technology of construction.

    Stone Buildings

    How to build, conserve or renovate stone buildings in the authentic way. Learn how to uncover how buildings were constructed, and to renovate them sympathetically using traditional techniques and materials.

    Eurocode 5 Span Tables


    Multidimensional Approaches to Impacts of Changing Environment on Human Health

    The book discusses the indispensable connection between the environment and health via all possible aspects, focussing on human interactions with the environment.

    Civil engineering, surveying & building