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    This Brief explores the importance of lactic acid and fermentation in the modern food industry. Although it is usually associated with milk and dairy products, lactic acid can also be found in many other fermented food products, including confectionery products, jams, frozen desserts, and pickled vegetables.

    Phytochemistry of Plants of Genus Cassia

    Cassia is an indigenous plant in Africa, Latin America, Northern Australia and Southeast Asia. Several Cassia species are of high commercial and medicinal significance since they are used as spices and in traditional medicines and in great demand due to their immense medicinal properties.

    Lawrie's Meat Science


    Biologics and Biosimilars: Drug Discovery and Clinical Applications

    Biologics and Biosimilars: Drug Development and Clinical Affairs is a systematic integration and evaluation of all aspects of biologics and biosimilars, R&D and clinical use, global regulation, and more.

    Microorganisms in Foods 8: Use of Data for Assessing Process Control and Product Acceptance

    Microorganisms in Foods 8: Use of Data for Assessing Process Control and Product Acceptance is written by the International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods with assistance from a limited number of consultants.

    Bimodal Oxidation: Coupling of Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Reactions

    This book discusses bimodal reaction sequences in oxidation of organic and inorganic compounds with dioxygen. The book focuses on the mechanisms of oxidation of the main classes of organic compounds and will appeal to chemists, physicists, biologists and engineers working in the domain of oxidation reactions.

    Translational Medicine: Optimizing Preclinical Safety Evaluation of Biopharmaceuticals

    Translational Medicine provides scientists responsible for the translation of novel biopharmaceuticals into clinical trials with a better understanding of how to navigate the obstacles that keep innovative medical research discoveries from becoming new therapies or even making it to clinical trials.

    Industrialization of Drug Discovery: From Target Selection Through Lead Optimization

    The pharmaceutical industry suffers from an innovation deficit, with clinical attrition and safety-related market-withdrawal rates at the same level as twenty years ago. This book scrutinizes this problem in detail, contrasting the promise of technology and industrialization with the apparent inability of industry to fully realize the tools that ar

    Industrial chemistry & manufacturing technologies