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    Manual of Simulation in Healthcare

    The Manual of Simulation in Healthcare, Second Edition provides an in-depth understanding of how medical educators can best incorporate simulation teaching methodologies into their curricula and is an invaluable resource to teachers across all the medical specialties.

    Mobilizing Knowledge in Healthcare: Challenges for Management and Organization

    The divide between research and practice is one of the biggest challenges to healthcare improvement globally. This book aims to build a research-led, empirically-grounded, state of the art review of how knowledge is mobilized in healthcare settings and the critical challenges involved.

    The Patient Will See You Now: The Future of Medicine Is in Your Hands

    "[Topol is] one of medicine's most innovative thinkers about the digital future.... [A] valuable contribution to a fascinating subject." -New York Times Book Review

    Unofficial Guide to Medical Research, Audit and Teaching

    This is the sixth book in The Unofficial Guides to Medicine series. These textbooks are now a globally recognized for combining expert input, with student and junior doctor contributions to produce valuable guides relevant to today's juniors. This book covers all the non-clinical competencies in audit, research and teaching for today's graduates.

    Clinical Trials in Older Adults

    The concept of clinical trials in older adults is relatively new, and this is the first book to consider the methodological issues underlying the evaluation of new treatments in older people.

    Doing Research in Emergency and Acute Care: Making Order Out of Chaos

    A practical guide to understanding and navigating the unique challenges faced by physicians and other professionals who wish to undertake research in the ED or other acute care setting.

    Stem Cell Research: Hope or Hype?

    This book presents an interdisciplinary approach to stem cell research, starting with the breakthrough discovery up through the present day controversy. The book will help the non-scientist understand the biology, research regulations and funding; and it will help the scientist better comprehend the full spectrum of ethical, religious, and policy debates.

    Medical equipment & techniques