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    Good Science, Strong Bones, and the Case for Supporting Discovery

    This book opens the door to the frequently obscure world of scientific discovery, not just to document discoveries, but also to explain how these discoveries come about.

    The Use of Artemisinin Derivative Suppositories as Life-Saving Remedy for Critical Malaria Patients

    This book details antimalarial suppositories proposed for emergency life-saving treatment of children and adults suffering from severe and cerebral malaria.

    A Guide to Laboratory Investigations

    This seventh edition is a practical guide to the interpretation of normal and abnormal laboratory results which is fully revised. With increasing responsibility this book includes guidelines on clinical conditions like heart failure, female infertility, lipid monitoring and renal failure.

    Simultaneous Global New Drug Development: Multi-Regional Clinical Trials after ICH E17

    This book contains chapters providing interpretations of principles in ICH E17 and new ideas of implementing MRCTs. Authors are from different regions, and from academia and industry. This book will be of particular interest to biostatisticians working in late stage clinical development of medical products.

    Qualitative Methods for Health Research

    "A thoughtful, thorough and readable account of the history and current practice of qualitative research in health." - Louise Keogh, Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne

    Writing Research Proposals in the Health Sciences: A Step-by-step Guide

    This is the ideal step-by-step guide on how to write successful research proposals in the health sciences, whether it is for a thesis or dissertation review committee, an ethical review committee or a grant funding committee.

    Technical Manual 20th Edition


    Medical equipment & techniques