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    Halsted R. Holman and the Struggle for the Soul of Medicine

    This book describes the major changes in American medicine and healthcare that took place during 100 years of efforts to deliver the fruits of biomedical science to all. The story is told through the life of Halsted Reid Holman, an icon in American academic medicine and arguably one of the most notable academic leaders in the US.

    The Itch: Scabies

    Using a wide range of clinical images and vignettes, this book examines the essential clinic details of scabies including diagnosis, treatment, and common pitfalls in its recognition and cure. It also reviews the medical history of scabies, including discussion of a set of human experiments performed on conscientious objectors by Kenneth Mellanby.

    A Global History of Medicine

    A volume exploring the history of medicine across continents and countries from ancient to modern times, examining the changing systems of medicine in Eastern and Western traditions, comparing alternative medical practices, and introducing readers to how historians have captured the multiple approaches to healing adopted by different cultures.

    Caring for the Heart: Mayo Clinic and the Rise of Specialization

    This groundbreaking book describes developments in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, explains how the Mayo Clinic became a world-famous medical center, and reveals how new technologies and procedures promoted medical specialization. It is written for general readers as well as health care professionals, historians, and policy analysts.

    The Rise And Fall Of Modern Medicine

    * A fascinating survey of the key moments of post-war medical discovery - fully revised and updated for this new edition

    History of medicine