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    Human Factors in Healthcare: Level One

    Human Factors in Healthcare educates the reader about what human factors actually entail, providing an insight into the processes of self-awareness, communication, leadership in a crisis, decision making, co-ordination and situational awareness, as well as how they currently function in these areas and ways they might improve.

    Human Factors in Healthcare: Level Two

    This book builds on Human Factors in Healthcare Level One by delving deeper into the challenges of leadership, conflict resolution, and decision making that healthcare professionals currently face. It is written in an easy to understand style and includes a wealth of real-life examples of errors and patient safety issues.

    Quality Improvement in Healthcare: A Guide for Students and Practitioners

    An holistic introduction for nursing and healthcare students and professionals, this book sets out the principles, theory and methodologies required for effective service improvement, equipping the reader with practical skills to carry into their careers.

    Health systems & services