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    Nurturing Maternity Staff : How to tackle trauma, stress and burnout to create a positive working culture in the NHS

    Midwife means 'with woman' not 'with paperwork', so why are we tolerating a broken system?

    Leadership in Healthcare : Delivering Organisational Transformation and Operational Excellence

    This innovative book analyses the evolving nature of leadership, exploring an ever-increasing range of theoretical concepts and applying these to practices within healthcare organisations.

    Leadership in Health and Social Care: An Introduction for Emerging Leaders

    The aim of Leadership in Health and Social Care is to raise awareness, knowledge and understanding of leadership issues. Suitable for all those studying or working in the health and social care environment, it will encourage you to start, or continue, your leadership journey.

    OCD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Related Depression: The Definitive Survival and Recovery Approach

    From the heart and soul of lifelong mental health sufferer; Adam Shaw, combined with the expert mind of talented and leading psychologist; Lauren Callaghan, this book is cohesively divided into two parts. Detailed from the separate perspectives of a sufferer and a psychologist is an insight into mental health recovery that sufferers can relate to.

    The Art of General Practice: Soft skills to survive and thrive

    Life experiences, anecdotes and suggestions from an experienced GP and GP trainer focusing on the emotional intelligence required to be a great GP. The book consists of short chapters so the busy GP can dip in and out - each chapter helps the reader re-centre on the core skills and techniques needed to be a great GP.

    Supporting Troubled Young People: A practical guide to helping with mental health problems

    An accessible guide for those wanting to help and support children and young people with, or at risk of developing mental health problems.

    Health systems & services