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    Routledge Handbook of Critical Obesity Studies

    The Routledge Handbook of Critical Obesity Studies is an authoritative and challenging guide to the breadth and depth of critical thinking and theory on obesity. Rather than focusing on obesity as a public health crisis to be solved, this reference work offers divergent and radical strategies alongside biomedical and positivist discourses.

    Legalizing Cannabis: Experiences, Lessons and Scenarios

    This book examines cannabis policies and reform, offers an inter-disciplinary (but social-science led) account of global trends, and explores policy evaluation, models for legalization, and lessons that can be drawn from attempts to regulate other psychoactive substances.

    Educating Doctors' Senses Through the Medical Humanities: "How Do I Look?"

    Educating Doctors' Senses Through the Medical Humanities: "How Do I Look?" uses the medical diagnostic method to identify a chronic symptom in medical culture: the unintentional production of insensibility through compulsory mis-education.

    The Sociology of Health and Medicine: A Critical Introduction

    The fully revised edition of this highly respected textbook addresses the most important theoretical and empirical debates in the sociology of health and medicine. Chapter by chapter the book examines important issues such as the complexities surrounding health and identity, health inequalities, and the organization and provision of health care.

    Person-centred Primary Care: Searching for the Self

    Primary care, grounded in the provision of continuous comprehensive person-centred care, is vital to the delivery of effective health care. The central notion of person-centred care, however, relies on often-unexamined concepts of self. This book explores contemporary pressures on the sense of self for both patient and health professional

    Bioethics, Healthcare and the Soul

    This thought-provoking book explores the connections between health, ethics, and soul. It analyzes how and why the soul has been lost from scientific discourses, healthcare practices, and ethical discussions, presenting suggestions for change.

    Living Data: Making Sense of Health Biosensing

    This book critiques the popular claim that 'more information' equates to 'better health' and explores the potential challenges related to people's changing relationships with traditional health systems as access to, and control over data shifts.

    Medical sociology