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    Medical bioinformatics

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    Guide to Health Informatics

    Highly recommended by JAMA, this essential textbooks provides a comprehensive yet accessible overview of the basic concepts of information and communication technologies in healthcare.

    Healthcare Systems and Health Informatics: Using Internet of Things

    This book covers the fundamentals of IoT and healthcare systems for carrying out system architectures, protocols, wearable devices, and interoperability. It explores major challenges in AI and smart computing in resource-constrained IoT-based applications along with cost, energy efficiency, and the availability of quality service.

    Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Medical Data Analytics and Healthcare Applications

    The book incorporates the many facets of computational intelligence, such as machine learning and deep learning, to provide groundbreaking developments in healthcare applications. It discusses theory, analytical methods, numerical simulation, scientific techniques, analytical outcomes, and computational structuring.

    Medical bioinformatics