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    The Language of Illness

    An appeal for the use of clearer, more holistic language surrounding mental illness.

    BNF for Children 2021-2022


    Supercharge Your Diet: Ten Easy Ways to Get Everything You Need From Your Food

    With advice and recipes, Supercharge Your Diet will enable you to plan, prepare and cook healthy meals and snacks that meet all your nutritional needs.

    From Horror to Hope: Recognizing and Preventing the Health Impacts of War

    From Horror to Hope addresses the contemporary consequences of war from a public health perspective through profiles of inspiring health professionals and applicable public health frameworks for preventing war and promoting peace.

    Me vs. Us: A Health Divided

    Longtime physician and public health advocate Michael Stein reveals the true differences between public health and medicine-and how we can bridge the divide to solve our most pressing health crises.

    Health Equity in a Globalizing Era: Past Challenges, Future Prospects

    This title discusses how globalization impacts the health of individuals and populations. It focuses on how globalization processes have impacted various social determinants of health such as income, employment, or migration patterns, and how this in turn shapes inequities in health outcomes.

    An Introduction to Global Health Delivery: Practice, Equity, Human Rights

    An Introduction to Global Health Delivery, Second Edition expands the scope of global health delivery to include Black Lives Matter, climate justice, and COVID-19 as part of its mission to address injustice, reduce global health disparities, and deliver health care as a human right.

    Public health & preventive medicine