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    Fast Like a Girl: A Woman's Guide t

    Includes a 30-Day fasting reset that uses the power of your cycle-even if you no longer have one! A go-to fasting manual created specifically to address women's needs based on their hormones and menstrual cycle by Dr. Mindy Pelz, a well-known expert on women and fasting, whose fast-growing YouTube channel.

    Climate Change and Public Health

    Orchestrating and coordinating contributions from more than 75 selected public health specialists and environmental scientists, the editors have developed a concise and comprehensive book that represents a core curriculum on climate change and public health, including key strategies for adaptation and mitigation.

    Critical Epidemiology and the People's Health

    How can we create a more rigorous and effective epidemiology? Critical Epidemiology and the People's Health invites readers to the next great paradigm in public health by promoting a progressive, transdisciplinary, intercultural, community-building approach-one that is radically divergent from the presiding object-based, empiricist mode of thinking.

    Planetary Health: Protecting Nature to Protect Ourselves

    An up-to-date, readable introduction to the emerging field of planetary health, a fundamental pillar of biomedical and environmental sciences.

    Public Health Explored: 50 Stories to Change the World

    Understanding public health has never been more important It is in the headlines as never before. Aimed at all interested individuals but particularly students and professionals in nursing, medicine, social work and public health, this book encourages critical debate and reflection for a deep understanding of the complexities of public health.

    Gordis Epidemiology


    Public health & preventive medicine