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    The Language of Illness

    An appeal for the use of clearer, more holistic language surrounding mental illness.

    Clinical Epidemiology


    Making Sense of Medical Statistics: A Bite Sized Visual Guide

    This book is for anyone with a beginner's interest in medical statistics. It introduces the reader to the key concepts of medical statistics with colour illustrations, worked examples and anecdotes. The chapters are bite-sized with the busy clinician in mind but the book also includes additional material for advanced readers.

    Public Health Research Methods for Partnerships and Practice

    Community engaged research (CER) has emerged as an evidence-based approach to better address the complex issues that affect the health of marginalized populations. This book presents chapters written by leading community-engaged researchers across disciplines. It provides a training curriculum that supports a common vision among stakeholders.

    Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice 4e

    This is the quick, go-to-reference book for public health trainees and practitioners. It distils information from the core disciplines of public health into one concise volume. It is also packed with practical tips on professional competencies and skills development, as well as new emerging topics.

    Essential Epidemiology: An Introduction for Students and Health Professionals

    Now in its fourth edition, Essential Epidemiology is an engaging and accessible introduction to the foundations of epidemiology. It addresses the study of infectious and chronic diseases, public health and clinical epidemiology, and the role of epidemiology in a range of health monitoring and research activities.

    Control of Communicable Diseases Manual: An Official Report of the American Public Health Association

    A new edition of the trusted source for public health professionals on identifying and controlling infectious diseases for over 100 years. The updated edition includes new chapters on SARS-CoV-2, Zika, and many more.

    Body Image and Eating Disorders: An Anthropological and Psychological Overview

    This volume combines a wide historical overview on body image and eating disorders with contemporary anthropological and psychological theories. It is for those who are interested in the worrying relationship between the spread of new modern diseases and the influence of mass media, including social networking sites.

    Public health & preventive medicine