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    Death and Dying: A Reader

    This book replaces the Dickenson: Death, Dying and Bereavement 2ED as the set text for the OU course Death and Dying (K260), which means guaranteed sales of 800 copies per year through the bookshops.

    Making Sense of Death, Dying and Bereavement: An Anthology

    This book accompanies the Reader for the OU course Death and Dying (K260) and is not a buy-back, which means guaranteed sales of 800 copies per year through the bookshops.

    Statistics for Research: With a Guide to SPSS

    The clearest and most straightforward explanations of statistical concepts are combined with lots of practical examples from a variety of disciplines, now with a brand new website with additional resources for students and lecturers.

    What is Discourse Analysis?

    What is Discourse Analysis? provides an accessible introduction and practical guide to discourse analysis in the social sciences and related disciplines. It traces the role of discourse analysis from daily social interactions to how it can be successfully applied to research projects.

    Communication and health in a multi-ethnic society

    This book provides a rigorous and challenging review of recent research in the realms of communication and cultural diversity. Focusing on health communication interventions concerning service users who may lack fluency in English, it shows that meeting the needs of all health service users depends on both structures and processes of communication.

    Surveillance Practices and Mental Health: The Impact of CCTV Inside Mental Health Wards

    This book examines how CCTV cameras expose the patient body inside the mental health ward, especially the relationship between staff and patients as surveillance subjects.


    Theatre presents readers with an introduction to the role theatre plays in human health and wellbeing. It presents an overview of scientific evidence, case studies on how theatre can be employed in different settings, practical advice for bringing the benefits of theatre into health and social, public health campaigns, and the family home.

    Surveys in Social Research


    Sage Handbook of Grounded Theory

    This Handbook gives a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of grounded theory, taking into account the many attempts to revise and refine Glaser and Strauss' original formulation.

    Sociology & anthropology