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    Landscapes of Silence: From Childhood to the Arctic

    Renowned anthropologist and film-maker Hugh Brody weaves a dazzling tapestry of personal memory and distant landscapes: childhood in England in the shadow of the Second World War, the Derbyshire hills, a kibbutz in Israel and the deep Canadian Arctic.

    Inside Qatar: Hidden Stories from One of the Richest Nations on Earth

    An intimate portrait of life in the world's richest nation ahead of the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

    Something Out of Place: Women & Disgust

    A blistering, galvanising essay from Eimear McBride, award-winning author of A Girl is a Half-formed Thing.

    Guns, Germs and Steel

    Winner of the Pulitzer Prize * New York Times Bestseller * Over Two Million Copies Sold "One of the most significant projects embarked upon by any intellectual of our generation" (Gregg Easterbrook, New York Times), Guns, Germs, and Steel presents a groundbreaking, unified narrative of human history.

    Action Research


    Religion of Orange Politics The: P

    The religion of Orange politics is an ethnographic study of the Orange Order in contemporary Scotland. The Order is ultra-Protestant, ultra-British, and ultra-unionist. It is also vehemently anti-Catholic. Drawing on new debates about the politics of hate, this book asks if religious bigotry can ever form part of human experiences of 'The Good'. -- .

    Nordic Theory of Everything The: I

    An optimistic account of how the Nordic countries can teach us to live easier, healthier, happier lives: a Duckworth contemporary classic, beautifully repackaged for our 125th anniversary

    Book of Tea The

    Gives readers a taste of the Classics' huge range and diversity, with works from around the world and across the centuries - including fables, decadence, heartbreak, tall tales, satire, ghosts, battles and elephants.

    Sociology & anthropology