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    33 Meditations on Death: Notes from the Wrong End of Medicine


    A Student's Guide to Methodology

    The accessible introduction to 'methodology' rather than 'methods' opens students up to critical questions about methodological concepts and frameworks in a way that will appeal to lecturers teaching research in education and wider social sciences.

    Action Research


    Addiction and the Brain: Knowledge, Beliefs and Ethical Considerations from a Social Perspective

    This book investigates the neuroscientific knowledge on addiction as an epistemic project.

    Ageing with Smartphones in Ireland


    All of Sociology in Four E-Z Steps - An Essay on Social Theory


    An Introduction to the Sociology of Health and Illness

    With expanded coverage of Fleck and a new section on 'Transformations of the Medical Profession', this updated Third Edition provides students with a sociologically-focussed and theoretically informed introduction

    Anatomy of Love: A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray

    Fresh material brings this "delightful to read, fascinating" (The New York Times) classic to new readers.




    This book argues that there is a fundamental identity between the disciplines of anthropology and education. Premised on the idea that generosity, open-endedness, comparison, and criticality are cornerstones of both disciplines, it claims that by recognising their common purpose, anthropology and education have the power to transform the world.

    Sociology & anthropology