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    Using Mixed Methods Research Synthesis for Literature Reviews

    A systematic, comprehensive approach on how to conduct a review of the literature in mixed methods research.

    Liquid Times - Living in an Age of

    The passage from 'solid' to 'liquid' modernity has created a new and unprecedented setting for individual life pursuits, confronting individuals with a series of challenges never before encountered.

    Liquid Surveillance - A Conversatio

    Today the smallest details of our daily lives are tracked and traced more closely than ever before, and those who are monitored often cooperate willingly with the monitors. From London and New York to New Delhi, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro, video cameras are a familiar and accepted sight in public places.

    In Search of Us: Twelve Adventures

    The story of the pioneering anthropologists and their adventures among civilisations that were first thought of as being primitive and savage. What they discovered, however, would change the way we think about ourselves.

    For the Culture

    One of America's top advertising professionals explains why 'culture' is the way to influence mass behaviour.

    Creating an Ecosocial Welfare Futur

    A uniquely hybrid approach to welfare state policy, ecological sustainability and social transformation, this book explores transformative models of welfare change. Using Ireland as a case study, it addresses the institutional adaptations needed to move towards a sustainable welfare state.

    Marx in the Anthropocene: Towards t

    Facing global climate crisis, Marx's ecological critique of capitalism more clearly demonstrates its importance than ever. This book reconstructs the history of Marxism from an ecological perspective to open up a whole new idea of Marx's post-capitalism that is radically different from other alternatives proposed in recent political ecology.

    Landscapes of Silence: From Childhood to the Arctic

    Renowned anthropologist and film-maker Hugh Brody weaves a dazzling tapestry of personal memory and distant landscapes: childhood in England in the shadow of the Second World War, the Derbyshire hills, a kibbutz in Israel and the deep Canadian Arctic.

    Sociology & anthropology