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    This book invites the reader on a journey through the landscape of interview research, by outlining paths that learners may follow on the way to their research goals, and providing conceptual aids and toolboxes that facilitate learning the craft of interviewing.

    Irish Folklore Commission 1935-1970


    Justice for Children and Families: A Developmental Perspective

    Using a child-development perspective to explore the values, ideas and structures that promote justice for children and families under the headings of fairness, protection and autonomy, this book seeks to stimulate interdisciplinary interest, debate and collaboration, from psychiatry to law to public health, in pursuit of important questions and attainable solutions.

    Landscapes of Silence: From Childhood to the Arctic

    Renowned anthropologist and film-maker Hugh Brody weaves a dazzling tapestry of personal memory and distant landscapes: childhood in England in the shadow of the Second World War, the Derbyshire hills, a kibbutz in Israel and the deep Canadian Arctic.

    Last Good Funeral of the Year The:

    A pensive and poignant recollection of love, loss, marriage, mental health and the life events that have shaped his identity.

    Let us Rise Dublin Lockout


    LGBTQ + History Book The: Big Idea


    Life As Told by a Sapiens to a Neanderthal


    Life Course The: A Sociological In

    A far-reaching but accessible sociological account of the life course, and how it can be used to conceptualise key issues for social scientists, health and social workers. Now extensively updated in a new second edition, the text takes on the most recent and globally relevant debates and theoretical perspectives in the field.

    Liquid Surveillance - A Conversatio

    Today the smallest details of our daily lives are tracked and traced more closely than ever before, and those who are monitored often cooperate willingly with the monitors. From London and New York to New Delhi, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro, video cameras are a familiar and accepted sight in public places.

    Sociology & anthropology