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    Mighty LEGO Mechs



    This dictionary features original artwork that is intended to stimulate the reader's creativity while they learn words. Objects are clearly identified, in their contexts or separately, for emphasis and word practice. Key objects are covered, including: home, school, food, colours, and animals.

    My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things


    My First Dictionary

    A dictionary that includes 1000 words, bright colour pictures and clear definitions to help your child perfect their As, Bs and Cs in no time. It covers from beautiful rainbows to a green apple, each word is supported by carefully chosen photographs and images, and a clear grid design that makes everything easy to find.

    My First Encyclopedia

    Help your child learn all about the world with My First Encyclopedia. My First Encyclopedia will provide hours of fun reading for curious children. It is divided into eight subject chapters: Earth, Living World, Animals, History, Science, Things That Go, Human Body and People & Culture.

    My First Encyclopedia

    A great introduction for young children to ever-popular topics, with charming pictures and simple text perfect for reading and talking about with young children. Topics covered include Our World, Space, Science, My Body, Animals, Dinosaurs and Long Ago.


    Did you know... that chocolate was invented in Mexico? That in an Arctic summer, the sun never sets? Or that there are pink Flamingos in France? Find out how long it would take to walk around the Earth, whose national flag isn't rectangular, and how to make a desert nomad's tent.

    My Very Important World: For Little


    Oxford Combined Dictionary/Thesauru

    The Oxford School Dictionary & Thesaurus is a comprehensive one-stop shop for definitions, curriculum vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and punctuation as well as synonyms and writing tips. It is ideal students finishing primary and going on to secondary school. Easy to use and with a sturdy binding, it is the perfect one volume reference tool.

    Oxford Illustrated Children's Thesa

    An easy-to-use family thesaurus to boost wordpower and spark creative writing with new vocabulary-building activities, over 40,000 synonyms and examples to help you pick the best words. Packed with high-quality photos, word webs on key topics to help with project work, overused word panels and writing tips - it is the perfect homework help.

    Reference material (Children's / Teenage)