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    Pavee and the Buffer Girl The

    A stunning new edition of Dowd's moving story of of the reality of life in a traveller community, the simple power of kindness, and love in its many forms. Featuring powerful black and white illustrations from Kate Greenaway longlisted illustrator Emma Shoard.
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years PLUS, Book Level: 4.0


    A uniquely presented, touching tale of grief, solace and hope from a master of contemporary storytelling and a visionary artist.
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 4.6

    The Outsiders

    €8.99 €11.25
    Accelerated Reader
    Upper Years, Book Level: 4.7


    Eoin Madden is now captain of the Under 14s team and has to deal with friction between his friend Rory and new boy Dylan as they battle for a place as scrum-half. Fast-paced action, mysterious spirits and feuding friends - it's a season to remember! Sequel to the hugely successful Rugby Spirit.
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 5.8


    Raphael lives on a dumpsite, eking out a living sifting through rubbish. One unlucky-lucky day, he makes an extraordinary and deadly discovery. Now he and his two friends, Gardo and Rat, are wanted by the corrupt forces that run the city who'll stop at nothing to get back what they've lost.

    Rugby Spirit

    Eoin's has just started a new school ... and a new sport. Everyone at school is mad about rugby, but Eoin hasn't even held a rugby ball before! And why does everybody seem to know more about his own grandad than he does?
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 5.8

    Trailblazers: Simone Biles

    Be inspired by the lives of trailblazers past and present in this fun and factual biography series! Find out how this gymnast toughed it out in training and went on to win four Olympic gold medals.
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 7.4


    Raina wants to be a normal 12-year-old. But when she trips and falls, severely injuring her two front teeth, she begins a long, frustrating journey with braces, surgery, hideous headgear and even a retainer with fake teeth attached. And on top of all that, there's a major earthquake, boy confusion and friends who turn out to be not so friendly.
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 2.6

    Trailblazers: Jane Goodall

    Be inspired by the lives of trailblazers past and present in this biography series! How did Jane Goodall become the world's leading chimpanzee expert? Find out what led her to dedicate her life to primatology and conservation.
    Accelerated Reader
    Middle Years, Book Level: 7.1

    Breeds of Dogs: Phonics Phase 4

    Find out about different breeds of dogs, from labradors to boxers, pugs to bulldogs. Breeds of Dogs is phonics-basd reading book, covering the second set of graphemes that children learn in school. Illustrated throughout with beautiful photographs, this 254-word non-fiction book features a fully decodable text.
    Accelerated Reader
    Lower Years, Book Level: 1.8