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    Reference material (Children's / Teenage)

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    What's Where in the World

    Offers a visual encyclopedia of what's where in this world of ours. This title includes 75 full-colour maps showing you things such as the world's tallest buildings, longest rivers, most dangerous earthquake spots and even where you can find animals that glow.

    My First Dictionary

    A dictionary that includes 1000 words, bright colour pictures and clear definitions to help your child perfect their As, Bs and Cs in no time. It covers from beautiful rainbows to a green apple, each word is supported by carefully chosen photographs and images, and a clear grid design that makes everything easy to find.

    Illustrated English Thesaurus

    A clearly presented children's thesaurus with colourful illustrations and helpful suggestions for alternative words to inspire creative writing. It is arranged alphabetically, with a guide to parts of speech and choosing and using words.

    Usborne Illustrated Atlas of Britai

    Turn the pages of this fascinating atlas to take a tour of Britain and Ireland - from the craggy far north of Scotland, to the west coast of Ireland and green fields in the south east of England. Full of famous landmarks, native wildlife, culture and history, plus website links for video tours and more information.

    My First Encyclopedia

    A great introduction for young children to ever-popular topics, with charming pictures and simple text perfect for reading and talking about with young children. Topics covered include Our World, Space, Science, My Body, Animals, Dinosaurs and Long Ago.

    Spycraft: How to be the best secret

    Espionage enthusiasts, connoisseurs of reconnaissance and intelligence aficionados rejoice! Spycraft is the perfect book for kids with a sense of daring and adventure, this book contains all the tips and tricks that readers need to become secret agents.

    School Spelling Dictionary

    New edition of this acclaimed schools' version of the international best-selling Dictionary of Perfect Spelling

    Dictionary of Difficult Words The:

    Test your knowledge of the English language with the Dictionary of Difficult Words.


    This dictionary features original artwork that is intended to stimulate the reader's creativity while they learn words. Objects are clearly identified, in their contexts or separately, for emphasis and word practice. Key objects are covered, including: home, school, food, colours, and animals.

    Reference material (Children's / Teenage)