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    Therapy with Infants: Treating a Traumatised Child

    When a child without a fully developed language experiences physical and psychological stress that exceeds the child's capacity to cope, the experience can leave lasting marks, unless the child receives treatment. The most important messages are, "Never allow the child's pain to be forgotten," and "Everything that is left unsaid ties up energy."

    Transsexual and Other Disorders of Gender Identity: A Practical Guide to Management

    People with gender identity problems are increasingly often encountered by health professionals. This book provides an account of the management of disorders of gender identity and their differential diagnoses. It considers, among others, coincidental mental illness, disability, family and relationship issues, forensic and military settings.

    Trauma and Psychosis: New Directions for Theory and Therapy

    Provides an understanding of the possible relationships between the experience of trauma and the range of phenomena referred to as psychosis. This work brings together contributions from leading clinicians and researchers in a range of fields including clinical psychology, mental health nursing and psychiatry.

    Treating Dissociative and Personality Disorders: A Motivational Systems Approach to Theory and Treatment

    Treating Dissociative and Personality Disorders draws on major theorists and the very latest research to help formulate and introduce the Relational/Multi-Motivational Therapeutic Approach (REMOTA), a new model for treating such patients within a clinical psychoanalytic setting.

    Treating People with Psychosis in Institutions: A Psychoanalytic Perspective

    This book focuses on the priority that psychoanalysis places on the individual, how the treatment is conceived theoretically and the ways it can be incorporated in the overall organisation of an institution. It brings together the histories of a number of psychoanalytically informed hospitals.

    Treatment Resistance and Patient Authority: The Austen Riggs Reader

    Therapeutic hope for "treatment resistant" patients.

    Understanding Mental Disorders: Your Guide to DSM-5-TR (R)

    Based on the DSM-5-TR, this book provides useful insight on what to expect from an illness and its treatment and will help readers recognize symptoms, know when to seek help, and get the right care. Featured disorders include depression, schizophrenia, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, and bipolar disorder.

    Vagueness in Psychiatry

    In psychiatry there is no sharp boundary between the normal and the pathological. Although clear cases abound, it is often indeterminate whether a particular condition does or does not qualify as a mental disorder. For example, definitions of subthreshold disorders and of the prodromal stages of diseases are notoriously contentious.

    Violence in Psychiatry

    Focusing on violence from assessment, through underlying neurobiology, to treatment and other recommendations for practice, this book will be of interest to forensic psychiatrists, general adult psychiatrists, psychiatric residents, psychologists, psychiatric social workers and rehabilitation therapists.

    Violence, An Issue of Psychiatric Clinics of North America: Volume 39-4