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    An Outline of Psychiatry in Clinical Lectures: The Lectures of Carl Wernicke

    This work is a collection of Carl Wenicke's lectures on neuropsychiatry translated into English for the first time. Beginning with basic concepts about normal brain function, the book moves to clinical topics, dealing first with chronic mental disorders and 'paranoid states', and then to the more complex area of acute mental disorders.

    Psychiatric Ethics

    The bestselling Psychiatric Ethics returns for its fifth edition and has been fully updated to reflect changes to the field in the past decade.

    Distance Psychoanalysis: The Theory and Practice of Using Communication Technology in the Clinic

    Freud's ingenious structure of the couch and chair was considered to be the only suitable format for more than one hundred years. This book takes into account the changes that have taken place in our daily lives, as the result of the resounding technological changes that have influenced our means of communication.

    Genetics of Substance Use: Research and Clinical Aspects

    The third section reviews research in gene mapping and epigenetics. Genetics of Substance Use is a first-of-its-kind monograph that presents contemporary solutions and methods for a wide range of researchers and practitioners across disciplines.

    Handbook of Psychiatric Disorders in Adults in the Primary Care Setting

    Since psychiatric training in medical school is brief in duration (often 4-8 weeks only), and minimal to nonexistent in many residency programs, most primary care physicians are not adequately equipped to treat psychiatric disorders, despite the fact that this role promises a significant portion of the average physician's practice.

    Pocket Addiction Medicine


    Personality Disorders