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    The Language of Mental Illness: Corpus Linguistics and the Construction of Mental Illness in the Press

    Based on a purpose-built 45-million-word corpus, this book offers timely and original linguistic insights into how the UK press report on mental health and illness, one of the key health topics in today's society. It is a vital resource for all researchers working in health communication and the health humanities.

    The Lazy Marmot: English-Punjabi: 2018


    The Lion That Loved Apples: English-Hindi: 2018


    The Political Interview: Broadcast Talk in the Interactional Combat Zone

    This book examines the increasingly combative arena of live televised political interviewing in the twenty-first century. It draws into question not just the evasion and slipperiness of politicians but also the ethics and neutrality of journalists in a broadcast environment where "interview" can readily morph into "argument."

    The Translations of Seamus Heaney

    This is the first ever collected volume of Seamus Heaney's translations from languages including Old and Middle Irish and English, Medieval Italian, Classical Greek and Latin and Modern Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian, German and Greek.

    The Yeti of Krankville: English-Punjabi: 2018


    The Yeti of Krankville: English-Vietnamese: 2018


    Theme-based Dictionary British English/Ukranian