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    Art of Punctuation The

    Punctuation can make all the difference between a good piece of writing and a superb piece of writing. This guide deals with each punctuation mark: from the punchiness of the full stop to the unacknowledged flexibility of the question mark, and the manifold powers of punctuation.


    Words, Words, Words is a celebration of what we say and how we say it. It invites us to engage linguistically with who we are: to understand what words tell us about where wecome from and what we do. And as they continually shape our lives, it suggests ways that we can look at words anew and get involved with collecting and coining words ourselves.

    Secret Language

    This book is about language designed to mean what it does not seem to mean. Codes protect secrets. Symbol and magic hide meanings to imperil or delight. Languages made to confuse let insiders talk openly without being understood by others. Barry Blake looks in depth at these and many more and illuminates the most arcane and curious uses of language

    Life of Slang The

    This book traces the development of English slang from the earliest records to the latest tweet and explores why and how slang is used. Based on inside information from real live slang users as well as the best scholarly sources, this book is guaranteed to teach you some new words that you shouldn't use in polite company.

    Dr Johnson's Reliquary of Rediscovered Words

    Helps you discover words you never knew existed, and rediscover many that you had forgotten or had given up all hope of ever seeing again.



    Dictionary of Phonetics and Phonology

    Written for students of linguistics, applied linguistics and speech therapy, this dictionary covers over 2,000 terms in phonetics and phonology. It is an informative and easy to use reference tool, covering a wide variety of topics.


    In this provocative interpretation of the history of English, the contributors emphasise the diversity of English throughout its history and the changing social meanings of different varieties of English.

    Words and Minds

    Words and Minds takes a lively and accessible look at the evolution of language and how we use language in joint activities.