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    5 Language Visual Dictionary


    500 Beautiful Words You Should Know

    Discover the joy of the English language with 500 unusual, interesting and 'perfect' words that will extend your vocabulary and your appreciation of our mother tongue.

    A Barrel of Monkeys: A Compendium of Collective Nouns for Animals

    Featuring pets, farmyard animals, big cats and wild beasts, this beautifully presented book is the perfect gift for animal lovers and all those with an interest in this quirky linguistic tradition.



    A History of Russia in 100 Words

    Crammed full with both historical and etymological information, this book also includes fascinating facts about Russian writers, performers and musicians. Perfect for readers with a passion for all things Russian or for those wishing to learn more about this complex and engrossing country.

    A Little Book of Language

    From the first words of an infant to the peculiar modern dialect of text messaging, this book reveals language's myriad intricacies and quirks. It sheds light on the development of unique linguistic styles, the origins of obscure accents, and the search for the first written word.

    A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Ninth Edition: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers

    New edition of a classic reference work recognizes recent developments in information literacy--including finding, evaluating, and citing a wide range of digital sources--and the evolving use of software for citation management, graphics, and paper format and submission while continuing to reflect best practices for research and writing.

    A Student's Writing Guide: How to Plan and Write Successful Essays

    This text covers all the fundamental things a student needs to know about writing essays and research papers in the humanities and social sciences. Starting from the common difficulties students face, it demonstrates with numerous examples all the stages necessary to produce a good piece of academic work.

    Academic Writing for Graduate Students: Essential Tasks and Skills

    Coverage includes understanding the intended audience, and academic genres; the use of task-based methodology, analytic group discussion, and genre consciousness-raising; how to write summaries and critiques; and helping students position themselves as junior scholars in their academic communities.

    Admirable Point An: A Brief Histor

    Love it or hate it, the exclamation mark has been with us from Beowulf to the spam email - an enthusiastic history for language lovers!

    Language: reference & general