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    Arab Center The: Moderation and th

    Reveals the human side of the Arab-Israeli conflict and examines why the Arab Center has made so little progress and which Arab, Israeli, and American policies need rethinking. This book assesses how the middle road approach to reform is faring and explains why the tactics used by the West to deal with Islamic groups are doomed to failure.

    Handbook of Conflict Analysis and Resolution

    Focuses on the value of interdisciplinary approaches to the analysis and resolution of conflicts.


    The fourth edition of this hugely popular textbook has been updated for the revised Level 5 Communications module [5N0690], which focuses on the four main communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, incorporating all communications technology.


    Analyses the positive role that former prisoners can have in reconstructing communities in the wake of internal conflict.


    RESILIENCE has genuine potential to be the next breakout business book. It is firmly in the tradition of great reads that go beyond the business market, such as classic bestsellers THE TIPPING POINT, BLACK SWAN and PREDICTABLY IRRATIONAL

    Orange Order

    Born out of bloodshed, sustained by sectarianism and shrouded in secrecy, the Orange Order is one of the most abiding and controversial religion-based organisations in Europe, if not the world.

    Interdisciplinary studies