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    Written for both the seasoned professional and the student who wants to deepen their understanding of the processes involved in conflicts and their knowledge of how to manage them constructively, this book provides an understanding for managing conflicts at all levels interpersonal, intergroup, organizational, and international.

    Reconciling Divided States: Peace Processes in Ireland and Korea

    This book offers a distinctive perspective on peace processes by comparatively analysing two cases which have rarely been studied in tandem, Ireland and Korea.

    Health Sector, State and Decentralised Institutions in India

    This book describes the transition in Indian healthcare system since independence and contributes to the ongoing debate within development and institutional economics on the approaches towards reform in the public health system.

    Advancing Africa's Sustainable Development: Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Science Advancement

    While many African countries lag behind the rest of the industrialised world in scientific and medical research and development, the situation is progressively improving.

    Women and Work in Ireland: A Half Century of Attitude and Policy Change

    This book chronicles the evolution of women's participation in the labour force in Ireland over the last five decades. It will be a valuable resource for courses in the sociology of work and the family, gender studies, social psychology and Irish studies.

    Oxford Handbook of Cultural Neuroscience and Global Mental Health

    The Oxford Handbook of Cultural Neuroscience and Global Mental Health is the first ever comprehensive overview of this field. It explores how culture influences and affects the neurobiological mechanisms underlying mental health, and the disparities that exist in the treatment of mental health across the world.

    The Gendered Face of COVID-19 in the Global South: The Development, Gender and Health Nexus

    In this important book, experts assess what the COVID-19 pandemic means for gender inequalities in the global south, examining how threats to equitable development will impact the most marginalised and at-risk women and girls in particular.

    The Age of Sustainability: Just Transitions in a Complex World

    With transitions to more sustainable ways of living already underway, this book examines how we understand the underlying dynamics of the transitions that are unfolding. Without this understanding, we enter the future in a state of informed bewilderment.

    Interdisciplinary studies