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    Medical Statistics from A to Z: A Guide for Clinicians and Medical Students

    A highly accessible introduction to medical statistics using non-technical language and without any mathematical formulae. Over 1500 terms are explained, with alphabetization and cross-referencing of related terms enhancing navigation. References to further reading for most definitions encourage readers to deepen their understanding of the subject.
    ISBN: 9781108826464
    AuthorEveritt, Brian S. (King's College London
    Pub Date18/03/2021
    Edition3rd Revised
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    For clinicians not well-versed in mathematical techniques, medical statistics can be baffling. Understanding these statistics is crucial for the interpretation of literature and the informed judgement of the use of therapies. From 'Abortion rate' to 'Zygosity determination', this accessible introduction to the terminology of medical statistics clearly describes, illustrates and explains over 1500 terms using non-technical language, and without any mathematical formulae! The majority of terms have been updated and revised for this new edition, and almost 150 new definitions have been added, ensuring readers are up to date with the latest practices. Entries are organised alphabetically, and related topics are clearly cross-referenced throughout, to provide fast, easy navigation. Further reading suggestions supplement most definitions, which allows readers to deepen their understanding of the subject. Enabling clinicians and medical students to grasp the meaning of any statistical terms they encounter when studying medical literature, this guide is a real lifesaver.