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    Making Sense of Medical Statistics: A Bite Sized Visual Guide

    This book is for anyone with a beginner's interest in medical statistics. It introduces the reader to the key concepts of medical statistics with colour illustrations, worked examples and anecdotes. The chapters are bite-sized with the busy clinician in mind but the book also includes additional material for advanced readers.
    ISBN: 9781108978156
    AuthorHossain, Munier
    Pub Date21/10/2021
    EditionNew Ed
    AvailabilityIn Stock
    Availability: In Stock

    Do you want to know what a parametric test is and when not to perform one? Do you get confused between odds ratios and relative risks? Want to understand the difference between sensitivity and specificity? Would like to find out what the fuss is about Bayes' theorem? Then this book is for you! Physicians need to understand the principles behind medical statistics. They don't need to learn the formula. The software knows it already! This book explains the fundamental concepts of medical statistics so that the learner will become confident in performing the most commonly used statistical tests. Each chapter is rich in anecdotes, illustrations, questions, and answers. Not enough? There is more material online with links to free statistical software, webpages, multimedia content, a practice dataset to get hands-on with data analysis, and a Single Best Answer questionnaire for the exam.