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    Fast Like a Girl: A Woman's Guide t

    Includes a 30-Day fasting reset that uses the power of your cycle-even if you no longer have one! A go-to fasting manual created specifically to address women's needs based on their hormones and menstrual cycle by Dr. Mindy Pelz, a well-known expert on women and fasting, whose fast-growing YouTube channel.
    ISBN: 9781401969929
    AuthorPelz Dr. Mindy
    Pub Date27/12/2022
    AvailabilityIn Stock
    Availability: In Stock

    Discover tried-and-tested strategies and protocols to help you take control of your health and wellbeing with fasting, from renowned expert Dr Mindy Pelz.

    So many of us feel unheard by doctors and health professionals and have become exhausted by the promise of quick-fix diets that only leave us disappointed. As someone who has experienced this, Dr Mindy wants to help you take back control of your health by using fasting, which she says is the quickest path back to better health. In this book, Dr Mindy will give you a clear path to succeed by:

    * giving you the right steps to go from eating all day to intermittent fasting
    * showing those who want to learn to fast longer a path to do so safely
    * laying out how to time fasting according to your cycle
    * teaching you what foods to break your fast with to achieve better metabolic health
    * laying out eating programmes that will support your hormones
    * providing an easy-to-follow 30-day programme that you can use to find your fasting rhythm

    While most fasting books have taught a one-size-fits-all approach to fasting, leaving women with more questions than answers, in Fast Like a Girl, Dr Mindy shares the proven strategies, protocols and hacks that make fasting easier and offers tools that she has used to help hundreds of thousands of women thrive with their fasting lifestyles.

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