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    Handbook of Meta-Analysis

    Meta-analysis is the application of statistics to combine results from multiple studies and draw appropriate inferences. Its use and importance have exploded over the years as the need for a robust evidence base has become clear in many scientific areas like medicine and health, social sciences, education, psychology, ecology and economics.

    Statistical Design, Monitoring, and Analysis of Clinical Trials: Principles and Methods

    This book concentrates on the biostatistics component of clinical trials. This new, second edition is updated throughout and includes three new chapters. This text reflects the academic research, commercial development, and public health aspects of clinical trials.

    Real-World Evidence in a Patient-Centric Digital Era

    This book will be a vital reference for medical researchers, health technology innovators, data scientists, epidemiologists, population health analysts, health economists, outcomes researchers, as well as policymakers and analysts in the healthcare industry.

    Statistical Hypothesis Testing in Context: Reproducibility, Inference, and Science

    With over 60 years of applied experience, Fay and Brittain present hypothesis testing and compatible confidence intervals, emphasize strategies to address the reproducibility crisis, and provide methods for proper causal interpretation in scientific research. The book presents a full scope of tools and advice on their appropriate use in practice.

    Regression for Health and Social Science: Applied Linear Models with R

    Using every-day examples and numerous exercises, this text covers the basics of linear models with a minimum of mathematics. The emphasis is on issues involved in the analysis and the interpretation of computer output. R code is provided and explained allowing readers to apply the methods to their own data.

    Applied Medical Statistics