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    Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management

    As a comprehensive introduction for LIS students, a primer for experienced librarians with new collection development and management responsibilities, and a handy reference resource for practitioners as they go about their day-to-day work, the value and usefulness of this book remain unequalled.

    Library Marketing Basics

    Library Marketing Basics is an accessible, step-by-step, easy to understand, and "hands on" resource for any librarian who is interested in learning basic marketing tips to raise the profile of their library. It is designed for beginners who are new to library marketing.

    Collection Development in the Digital Age

    Over the years there has been profound changes in how library collections are developed and managed. Digital resources are increasingly central to collections. This collection is cross-sectoral and international in scope, drawing together the perspectives of practitioners and academics at the forefront of modern collection development.

    Digital Dieting: From Information Obesity to Intellectual Fitness

    Without the skills of media and information literacy, students and citizens wade through low quality online information that fills their day yet does not enable intellectual challenge, imagination and questioning. Digital Dieting: From information obesity to intellectual fitness probes the social.

    Library Marketing Toolkit

    A guide that offers coverage of various elements of library marketing and branding for different sectors including archives and academic, public and special libraries. It is suitable for those who are involved in promoting their library or information service, whether at an academic, public or special library or in archives or records management.

    Books: A Living History

    For more than 2,500 years, the book, in a wide range of forms, has been used to document, to educate and to entertain. This book explores the rich history of the book, one of the most efficient, influential and enduring technologies ever invented.

    Library & information sciences