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    Britain and its Internal Others, 1750-1800: Under Rule of Law

    This book revisits six notorious incidents that occasioned vigorous debate in London's courtrooms, streets and presses. Each case adjudicated the presence of outsiders in London - from Jews and Gypsies to Africans and Catholics. -- .

    Medical Law in Ireland


    Medical Inquests

    Medical Inquests is the first book in the area of inquests for over two decades to be published in Ireland. This book comprehensively examines the law around inquests concerning deaths in a medical setting.

    Introduction to Irish Criminal Law

    Fully revised and updated edition, with a greater focus on standard university criminal law syllabi.

    Ethical and legal debates in Irish

    This is an in-depth study of the contentious issues in Irish healthcare and deals with issues such as assisted suicide, abortion, adolescent treatment refusal, end of life care, retention of biological samples, involuntary admission to care and the regulation of stem cell research. -- .

    Life In Nature A

    A Life In Nature is a portrait of Sie Peter Scott collected from his own conversations, articles and broadcasts including thoughts on expeditions to Lapland, Conservation and Africa, his travels in Europe and much more. Illustrated by Peter's own beautiful illustrations.

    European Criminal Law

    Since their creation, the European Union and the Council of Europe have worked to harmonise the justice systems of their member states. With a close analysis of secondary legislation and the development of criminal justice institutions, this book examines the advances made so far, the protection of European citizens' rights, and the difficult co-operation involved.

    Disability and Community Living Policies

    This book provides a comprehensive and comparative analysis of policies toward community living and the role of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) in promoting progressive policies. It will appeal to scholars of law, disability studies, sociology, social work, and rehabilitation counselling.

    Research Methods in Law

    Designed for use by post-graduate students in law and legal studies this book provides a useful and critically rigorous introduction to the different research methodologies available to the student. The book gives students who are setting out on a project or dissertation a firm grounding on which they can base their research.

    Crowds and Public Order Policing : An Analysis of Crowds and Interpretations of Their Behaviour Based on Observational Studies in Turkey, England and Wales

    Published in 1998. This research analyses the underlying assumptions contained within the existing theories of public order policing and attempts to adjudicate on the validity of both classical and modern contributions to the understanding of the field.