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    Convergent Chinese Television Industries: An Ethnography of Chinese Production Cultures

    This book provides a rich description of the shifting production cultures in convergent Chinese television industries, through the examination of daily production practices, showing how they embody a new set of opportunities and tensions across strategic, programming and individual levels.

    Influence of Social Media on India's Foreign Policy Making

    Focuses on the influence of social media on India's foreign policy-making, demonstrating that the role of social media is not only as an information provider, but also as a platform of interaction between the government and public.

    Impact of Social Media on Peace and Security

    Examines the key issues and shifting nature of social media and technology. The book also critically examines the impact of social media on foreign policy, economic security, national security, social behaviour, conflict prevention and global peace and security.

    Starbucked: A Double Tall Tale of C

    How a once-modest Seattle coffeehouse brought cafe culture to America and the UK and rode this wave to riches, adoration and controversy.

    How We Killed God



    When, in late 2008, the dust finally started to settle on one of the worst financial crises in history, only one Wall Street institution still stood virtually unassailed - Goldman Sachs. This title peers behind the curtain to give us the inside story of why Goldman is so profitable.

    Industry & industrial studies