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    "I Will Not Be Erased"

    Accelerated Reader
    Upper Years, Book Level: 6.9

    10 Ten-Minute Animal Stories

    Reports show that reading or being read to for ten minutes every day will significantly improve children's reading skills. This short story collection supports this - each story taking about ten minutes to read. Ideal for sharing with younger children; as children learn to read on their own they can tackle these simple stories on their own.

    A Fairytale for Everyone

    The all-inclusive LGBTQ+ fairytale collection that has grabbed headlines across the world!

    A Poem for Every Autumn Day

    An inspiring poetry anthology to keep you company for every day and night of the Autumn.

    A Poem for Every Summer Day

    An inspiring anthology to keep you company for every day and night of the Summer.

    A Songbird Dreams of Singing

    Do you know how animals sleep? Otters fall asleep while holding hands; zebra finches practise their songs while dreaming; dolphins keep one half of their brain awake . . . Beautiful poems about sleeping animals are interspersed with fascinating facts and beautiful illustrations - making this the perfect bedtime book!

    A Treasury of Tales for Four-Year-Olds: 40 Stories Recommended by Literacy Experts

    A Treasury of Tales for Four-Year-Olds presents a beautiful collection of exciting stories written by Gabby Dawnay and selected especially for four-year-olds by literacy experts.

    A Whale of a Time

    A brilliantly illustrated collection of 366 hilarious poems to keep you laughing all year round! From rib-ticklingly funny to wryly witty, each poem in this uplifting collection is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and is perfect for reading aloud to share even more side-splitting hilarity with family and friends.

    A Year Full of Stories: 52 folk tales and legends from around the world: Volume 1

    This treasury of 52 stories collects together a rich resource of myths, fairy tales and legends from around the world, with a story for every week of the year.

    All Better!

    Under the weather or on the mend, From cover to cover this book is your friend It's not much fun going to the doctor or taking your medicine. But with these warm and funny rhymes, you'll soon be feeling better!

    Children's / Teenage poetry, anthologies, annuals