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    Aubrey Beardsley: Decadence & Desir




    Between the Lines Critical Writings


    Bill Brandt

    €13.00 €16.25
    Part of the seven titles in Thames & Hudsons' "Photofile" series that features the best works of some of the world's greatest photographers, together with critical introductions and a bibliographies.

    Bird The: The Great Age of Avian I

    The Bird is a splendid celebration of ornithological illustration, featuring remarkable images of all kinds of birds, from the smallest wrens to colourful exotics.

    Book of the Bird: Birds in Art The

    A stimulating and beautiful collection of images of all things avian, from international artists and illustrators, both historical and contemporary

    Botanical Drawing using Graphite and Coloured Pencils

    Drawing with graphite and coloured pencils enables you to capture every detail of a plant, and to enjoy, study and celebrate their forms. This book introduces and explains the drawing skills behind the art. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of the plant, working upwards from the root system to include the stem, leaves, flowers and fruit.

    British Women Artists


    Cats in Art: A Pop-Up Book

    A new compilation presenting Susan Herbert's delightful feline re-imaginings of famous scenes from art in a fun pop-up form.

    Chatsworth, Arcadia, Now: Seven Scenes from the Life of a House


    Art treatments & subjects