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    Van Gogh

    An introduction to the work of Vincent Van Gogh.

    Andy Warhol: Volume 2


    James Coleman

    Illustrated critical essays on the work of artist James Coleman.

    Leave Any Information at the Signal

    An anthology of writings, interviews, and images by artist Ed Ruscha.

    Artist and the Warrior The: From A

    An illustrated exploration of artists' depictions of war and warriors, from antiquity to modern times


    Steam locomotives gripped the imagination when they first appeared in nineteenth-century Europe and America. Aboard these great machines, passengers travelled at faster speeds than ever before. This work captures both the fear and excitement of early train travel as it probes the artistic response to steam locomotion within its social setting.

    Along the Lines: Selected Drawings

    A lively book that traverses forty years of drawing and satire by a celebrated cartoonist and postwar artist

    Creating Celtic Knotwork


    Art treatments & subjects