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    Sisters of the Lost Marsh

    When the Full Moon Fayre makes a rare visit to Hollow-in-the-Marsh, six sisters slip out to see the famous Shadow Man, an enigmatic puppeteer. Afterwards, the oldest sister Grace is missing. Can twelve-year-old Willa save her sister from one fate and yet outrun her own?
    ISBN: 9781913322373
    AuthorStrange Lucy
    Pub Date04/11/2021
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    Accelerated ReaderMiddle Years PLUS, Book Level: 5.1
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    From the Waterstones Prize-shortlisted author of Our
    Castle by the Sea comes a gorgeously gothic story, perfect
    for fans of Emma Carroll and Frances Hardinge ...

    'My book of the year. This is storytelling so secure and shining
    that you can almost feel the glow.' HILARY MCKAY,
    Costa Book Award-winning author of The Skylarks' War

    'I absolutely love this book ... Lucy Strange is a wonderful,
    accomplished writer whose books stay with you long after you
    have finished reading.' NATASHA FARRANT, Costa Book
    Award-winning author of Voyage of the Sparrowhawk

    Life is hard for Willa, Grace and Freya, and their three younger
    sisters. Six motherless girls working a farm, living in fear of
    their cruel father and the superstition that obsesses him - The
    Curse of Six Daughters.

    With the arrival of the mysterious
    Full Moon Fayre, there's a chance for the eldest girls to
    steal a moment's fun, but the day the fayre moves on, Grace vanishes.

    Willa goes after her, following a trail that leads
    into the dangerous Lost Marsh, where it is said a will-o'-the-wisp
    lures lost souls into the dark waters of the mire. If Willa
    is to survive and reunite her family, she will need to unravel the
    secrets her father has kept hidden, and face her own deepest fears

    The spellbinding new novel from Lucy Strange, author
    of The Secret of Nightingale Wood, The Ghost of Gosswater
    and the Waterstones Prize-shortlisted Our Castle by
    the Sea

    Perfect for fans of Emma Carroll, Frances Hardinge and
    Sophie Anderson

    Combines dreamy magical realism with a thrilling mystery


    writing is luminous' LITERARY REVIEW

    'Superbly balanced between readability and poetry'

    'Perfect in so many
    ways!' EMMA CARROLL

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