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    Novelista: Anyone can write a novel. Yes, even you.

    Writing books is no longer something only other people do. It's your turn.
    ISBN: 9781529384833
    AuthorAskew, Claire
    Pub Date04/08/2022
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    NOVELISTA is a friendly, straight-talking writing guide for people who want to write a novel but don't know how to begin. It asks all the important questions and gives a host of reassuring answers that demonstrate that anyone can write a novel - even you!

    To begin with, what the hell is a novel?

    It's basically a tiny world, where characters are born, live, and (sometimes) die. To write one all you need is a notebook and a pen - but along the way you'll want to learn about good writing habits, planning, mastering descriptions and dialogue and how to pull it all together. This book will guide you through the process and orient you towards the goal of publication.

    From absolute beginner to novelista, this book will change the way you write and think about writing.