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    Muse: Uncovering the hidden figures

    ISBN: 9781529110418
    AuthorMillington Ruth
    SubAuthor1Razin, Dina
    Pub Date07/04/2022
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    Meet the unexpected, overlooked and forgotten models of art history.

    Who was Picasso's 'Weeping Woman'?
    Why was Grace Jones covered in graffiti?
    How did Francis Bacon meet the burglar who became his muse?

    The perception of the muse is that of a passive, powerless model, at the mercy of an influential and older artist. But is this trope a romanticised myth? Far from posing silently, muses have brought emotional support, intellectual energy, career-changing creativity and practical help to artists.

    Muse tells the true stories of the incredible muses who have inspired art history's masterpieces. From Leonardo da Vinci's studio to the covers of Vogue, art historian, critic and writer Ruth Millington uncovers the remarkable role of muses in some of art history's most well-known and significant works. Delving into the real-life relationships that models have held with the artists who immortalised them, it will expose the influential and active part they have played and deconstruct reductive stereotypes, reframing the muse as a momentous and empowered agent of art history.